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We’ve been working hard behind the scenes at Chariots Gaming to bring you our first production milestone for Becoming Bytes™. In a few days, we’ll be launching our Alpha test and we want you to be part of it!

We will be sending out personalized invitations to those who have registered for our Alpha test and we couldn’t be more excited!  We need your precious inputs to make Becoming Bytes™ an unforgettable experience.

Registration Update

Alpha registration has closed. Check out the FAQ page for more information about our game. Stay tuned for more updates and the Beta release announcement!

What is Becoming Bytes™?

The game is a monster raising simulator where you raise and train binary monsters called Bytes and bring them into missions to face other monsters. What makes this game unique is that you are playing as yourself through your mobile phone screen trying to learn how to train and control the monsters that you own through the missions. The success or failure of your monsters is entirely up to the choices you made.

Why do we need an Alpha test?

The Alpha test will help us create the best possible game experience for you. We understand that in-game bugs, missing features, a lack of content, device optimization and performance issues are expected in the Alpha tests, but we are are still excited to show you what we have done thus far. In order to make Becoming Bytes™ the best experience possible, we’ll need to test the game mechanics as well as the current content, and we hope to do this with your help.

What are we testing in the Alpha?

The Alpha would allow us to stress test the game on different devices as well as cater to a bigger number of players. This would lead us to create a better experience for our players through optimization and performance. We are also looking for the community’s feedback on the gameplay experience of Becoming Bytes™.

What will be in the Alpha test?

You will get to be the first to experience the beginning levels and gameplay of Becoming Bytes™. You will get to see the mechanics that we have been working hard on the past few months, and raise the Bytes that the team has grown to love. While we do envision the final product to be vastly improved from the Alpha, we want to include and consider your feedback and perspective.

As a new indie game development team, showing our first game to the public is both exciting and terrifying. While we wish to ultimately create a smooth gaming experience for our players, we also understand that everything needs to be tested and improved.

We look forward to having you play our game! Thank you for your gracious support!


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