Face Masks Donation

Face Masks Donation #ChariOty

We may be a small game studio in Singapore, but we believe being small should not stop us from giving back to our society. In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, there are many local clusters and one of them is the foreign worker dormitory. We wanted to help so we decided to donate surgical masks. The first batch of mask donations has reached Cassia @ Penjuru Dormitory to provide support with the current situation. As of today, the first batch of 10,000 surgical masks has been received by the foreign worker dormitory.

(10,000 face masks ready to be delivered at our office)

(Face masks received by the dormitory operator)

Note: in compliance with Singapore government’s circuit breaker, we decided not to hand deliver the face masks. Remember to stay at home and comply to the safe distancing measures for your own safety.

In conjunction with our company’s first anniversary, we launched our new CSR movement – #chariOty. The word is a combination of charity and a big circle.

The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning, representing unity, harmony, totality and completeness.

This movement was inspired by others showing kindness during the COVID-19 pandemic regardless of industry, social status and company size. We hope our small act of kindness would also inspire others and together we continue to support those people in need and spread happiness.


It’s going to be a long battle against the COVID-19 but the Byte monsters are going to accompany you though this period of time! Let’s continue to do our part in protecting ourselves as well as our loved ones!

For those who have not downloaded Becoming Bytes™ Open Beta release, don’t miss out!  Our Open Beta release is available for Download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store now!

Stay tuned for more updates and the official launch announcement!

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